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Global Match-making private operator (Telecommuting)

Recruitment Global Match-making private operator (Telecommuting)

we are recruiting global match-makers in English and Chinese speaking countries. The global match-makers will work for both Korean descent and locals as a Sunoo’s partner.

The match-making company Sunoo was established in 1991 and has been providing match-making service to single men and women around the world through global brand with patented matching system. We are waiting for global match-making private operators who can give great opportunity to all of global singles with world-class level of matching logics of

  • The service areas of global Match-makers
    • 180 countries in the world including USA, China, Europe, Africa

  • Business guideline
    • The match-makers will work from home as long as you have an internet access in your area.
    • The service provides in Korean, English and Chinese and will expand to many other languages such as Russian and Japanese in future.
    • The match-makers will start with 1 hour per day in the initial stage but the working hours will be increased as the number of members increases.
    • You might able to speak local language fluently to handle both Korean descent and locals.
  • Vision of Business
    • The job will be suitable for women who are willing to work and conversant with local circumstances.
    • Being a global match-maker of Sunoo has no required any business fund and it is easy to start with.
    • Women can engage in regardless of age and the job is a specialized field for women who shows the subtle sensitivity in their works.
    • To provide match-making service as a company, it might need tens of bilions of investment and fixed costs to run but with Sunoo, you can run a stable business in your area.
    • If you get good enough number of members, you can take this job as a reliable & lifelong career and there are many possibilities according to your ability.
  • Recruitment process of global match-makers
    • Submit your resume by email ⇨ Interview with CEO Woong-Jin, Lee ⇨  Training with a distance learning system for the successful candidates ⇨ Start to provide our service

  • How to apply
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