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User Guide
Do not rely on members' photos as a basis for judgment but use them only for reference.
[Employment Verification]
  • Request of business card from member and check company website! If there is some doubt about employment, consult company home page or contact company directly.
  • Request to meet member’s co-workers.
  • Discreetly ask about job duties, location of employment, etc.
  • Request to visit member’s workplace.
[School verification]
  • Call university or college administrative office to verify member’s enrollment or graduation.
  • Discreetly ask about school, major and classmates during conversation.
  • If possible, request to join classmate social gathering.
[Marital status verification]
  • Seek opportunities to meet family of the partner after becoming comfortable, and attempt to call his/her home phone number time to time.
  • Accompany your partner to the get-togethers of friends and listen carefully to the conversation contents and ask your partner’s friends about his/her childhood, etc. naturally.
[Verification of other profile information]
  • Ask about family members like parents and siblings during conversation.
  • Indirectly and discreetly ask about annual income, personal assets and future goals during conversations.
Precautions for initial meeting
  • Choose a public place and avoid meeting late at night. Inform others such as family or friends of the meeting.
  • Try to be flexible and willing to compromise when deciding about meeting arrangements. Consider the other person's schedule and choose a meeting place and time that is mutually convenient.
  • Avoid changing the meeting schedule, but if absolutely necessary, try to give notice as early as possible and explain the reason for the change.
  • Prior to meeting, try not to call or send text messages too late at night or too early in the morning to avoid disturbing people and giving others an impolite impression of you.
  • For females, arrange your own transportation to and from an initial meeting. (It is not advisable to accept ride offers.) Policy Violations
The Company shall designate members committing the following actions as disruptive members and may take measures such as suspension of service use and automatic termination of membership and may delete related posts. In case of suspension of use and automatic termination, "verification points" and "credits" and other benefits accrued from using the "service’ shall be cancelled and no longer valid, and the "Company" shall not compensate for such. If the Company or any members suffers emotional or financial damage due to policy violation of a member, measures such as civil and criminal proceedings may be taken.
  • Posting or taking actions for such to reach other members of information regulated in subsection 7-1 of Section 44 of "Regulations on Internet Use Promotion and Information Protection" (Prohibition of Distribution of Unlawful Information)
  • Unlawful, intimidating, violent, illegal, vulgar or obscene contents and libelous or defamatory contents, contents invading privacy of others, discriminatory contents and other inappropriate contents
  • Contents causing humiliation, disgust or fear
  • Actions using someone else’s stolen internet service user ID
  • Stalking or harassing others
  • The Company may immediately restrict use permanently in cases of violations of related laws and regulations such as: identity theft violating "National Registration Law" and illegal payment; supply of illegal programs violating "Copyright Laws" and "Computer Program Protection Laws" and operation obstruction; and, illegal communication and hacking, distribution of pernicious programs, actions exceeding access authority, etc. violating "Internet Laws." In case of permanent use restriction in accordance of this subsection,all "points" accrued through using the "service" and other benefits shall terminate and the "Company" shall not separately compensate for such.
  • In cases where other rights such as copyright of the Company, copyright of a third party, etc. are infringed upon
  • In case of collecting or saving personal information of other users
  • In case of obstructing or delaying normal operation, maintenance, etc. of the service
  • Misrepresentation as management, administrator, or related party of the Company
  • Actions defaming character such as using profanity or abusive language to the employee of the Company
  • In case where entry of false information at the time of member registration or profile modification is discovered.
  • In case where repeated offensive actions are reported by other users and when such incidences are verified
  • In case where actions are deemed as illegal either socially or culturally or when they are harmful to the service or other members.