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Section 1 (Purpose and Significance) (hereinafter called “”) online service provides matching and meeting-related information for single adults and is operated by Sunoo, Inc. (hereinafter called “the Company”). is registered in Seoul, Republic of Korea and its principal place of business is 3h Floor 590-18 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-ku, Seoul Korea. The provisions of this agreement (hereinafter called "the Agreement") have the purpose of stipulating the rights, responsibilities and duties of Members and the Company related to members’ profile information, ... [Show ALL]

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(1) The items of personal information collected
① The Company collects the following personal information upon the initial acceptance of the subscription of a member in order to provide effective client consultation and various services.
- Full name, personal identification number (registration number for Korean citizens or passport number for non-Koreans), username, password, email address, phone number, location, personal background information, education, occupation, family background, ... [Show ALL]