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Who knows? You can meet your destined match one-on-one at Orchard Road (within 1 km)! is going to introduce you to the match of your destiny one-on-one at the Orchard Road, the ‘Special Matching Zone.’

You may register your profile with and apply for participation.
Then, our expert matchmakers will find your match at the time at the same place, and connect the two matches through smart phone.

Both of you can check up on your match’s profile and photos on your phone, and press [ACCEPT] if you please. Upon both matches accepting each other, phone numbers will be instantly sent to each other so you can freely talk or meet.

Don’t let it pass, and take this opportunity to meet the ONE of your life on the Orchard Road!


Profile registration @
→ Apply for participation (accepted by 1:00 PM every Thursday)
→ Matchmaker sends match recommendation to smart phone @ 7:00 PM every Friday
→ Check up on your match’s profile and photos on mobile or at the website (
→ Accept the match and pay SGD 30(USD 30) (by Friday midnight)
→ Upon mutual acceptance and payment, phone numbers will exchanged.
→ Matches may call or meet each other.

• If phone numbers are not sent after payment, it will be refunded in 24 business hours (the next business day, if holiday)


Those with complete profile registration with, verified identity.
- Those who didn’t pay registration fee are also eligible to participate. However, to ensure trustworthy matching, identity verification is a MUST to receive match recommendation.
- Identity Verification

Scan and upload your ID card/passport/driver’s license @ MY PROFILE, Profile Reliability Score. Or, take photo of those documents and send them to with your member ID.

[Date/Time] Every Friday @ 7:00 PM

[Cost] Free participation. SGD 30(USD 30) charged per meeting

[How does matchmaker find the match of your destiny?]
Proven and standardized matching factors will be used - personality, face, height, education, occupation, income, parents education, parents occupation and parents income - to screen and introduce the most ideal match to you.
Our matching scales and multi-factor matching system has been developed from the survey results (shown below).

• Providing detailed information is needed to use our services so that as many factors as possible can be analyzed.

All personal information is used and important for ensuring optimal compatibility.

* Participants: 41,381 women/41,036 men in 121 countries

Participants: 41,381 women/41,036 men in 121 countries

[Refund and other instructions]
- Once matching has been mutually accepted phone numbers exchanged, there won’t be any refund, although there is no actual meeting.
- Meeting between matches shall be handled upon their own responsibilities. When actual meeting occurs, it is strongly advised that matches check each other’s profile information AGAIN at their discretion, to be sure.

  • Click 'Apply' to select the event.
* Contact Customer Support for cancellation or request to change event.