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Are you a single and available for Friday lunch hours in the Wall Street area?
Then, come here(½ mile from the Bull Statue) and apply! matchmakers will select and pair matches based on the profile information given at the time of application, and send each other's profile to their smart phones.
If you and your match both accept the matching, phone numbers will be sent to each other so you can proceed to have lunchtime dating.

[Who can participate]
Those who completed profile registration and ID verification (For mutually trusted matching, we only recommend ID-verified singles.)

[How to do ID verification]
Complete profile registration > take picture or scan your photoed ID (driver's license, passport, ID card etc.) > upload at Profile Reliability Points, MY PROFILE, or send them to with your member ID.

Profile registration/verify ID > apply (by 1:00 p.m. Thursday) > matchmaker selects and send match profile via SMS (10:00 a.m. Friday) > each other's profile viewable by 11:30 a.m. > pay $10 (credit card or paypal), if both accept matching > phone numbers exchanged and matches proceed to lunch hour dating.

[Refund Policy and Other Instructions]
- Once both accepted matching and phone number exchanged, no refund will be made even if actual meeting did not take place.
- If one person accepted and paid for the matching and the other did not, the fee will be returned.
- Both matches should be responsible for their actual meeting, and are advised to personally check each other's profile.

  • Click 'Apply' to select the event.
* Contact Customer Support for cancellation or request to change event.