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K-Matching is?

‘K-Matching’ The answer to the singles in Covid 19 pandemic

Typically, we meet someone first and get to know each other more if we see some interests in each other.

Through most dating services that provide date service globally, you will meet someone who you don’t really know well. In most cases, you will choose to meet someone just by your feeling.

The problem with this type of dating service is that you will often get disappointed when you actually meet the person. You can get disappointed with his or her education or career background or simply find some things that you like about the person, and it often will not develop into a relationship.

This is what separates K-Matching. We don’t focus on feelings or appearance only.

We focus more on finding suitable partner.
Using the data base of happily married couples, we will try to find the best fit person that can develop in to a relationship.

Matchmaking culture has been around in Korea for over 500 years.

In the old days, a matchmaker will visit multiple households and investigate the culture of each household and match up the most compatible families with each other. The bride and groom will meet each other for the first time on the wedding day however, most of them had a very happy married life.

This was possible because of matchmaking. Knowing important factors in marriage life is the key.
Using this professionalism, Sunoo upgraded the matchmaker title to Couple Manager which is more suitable for 21st century.

In the past 30 years, Sunoo studied over 30,000 married couples and came up with 3 most important factors in Marriage.

Social and economic condition for example
(Career, education, and salary)
Physical attraction Family background for example
(Parent’s social and economic condition)

Using these 3 factors and apply certain percentiles and produced most suitable candidate rates which was put into a bid database is the source of
Through this database can find the best suitable candidate for anyone.

Upon membership registration, ID verification and career and educational background check is required so it is proven safe as well.

Even though we are going through Covid 19 pandemic, singles should continue to date!

Anybody can become a member of however, you won’t be matched with anyone. We invite you to this special matchmaking system.
Meet someone through online and get to know each other through social medias or messaging. Once Covid 19 is under control, you can schedule to meet in person!

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