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Company Profile

A couple manager Sunoo has made through 32 years of matchmaking experience making 43,000 married couples, optimizing 600 years of matchmaking history of Korea, combinded with a big data obtained from over 100,000 members.
선우 5대 브랜드

Characteristics of K-Matching

1Detailed profile information such as education, career, salary/religion, hometown, hobby, parents' financial status, etc. are obtained from each members.

2Thorough verification of identification, career, education.

3Reflect each member's ideal type when finding a match.

4Various matching methods including Self searching or matching provided by Couple.net's AI.

5Higher chance to marry, less chance to divorce. (Based on our big data) This is what Sunoo's matchmaking stands out than others'.

Achieve your ideal type with Sunoo's K-Matching

or 32 years, Couple.net has been studying to materialize men and women's ideal types.
After analyizing 100,000 male and female members,
each members customized ideal types are reflected when searching for a match in K-Matching. ideal types ideal types
The ratio of compositions of an ideal type achived from analizing Couple.net's members and studying 80,000 ideal types
ideal types ideal types
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