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  • Profile Registration(Free)Please input correct information (Any trouble, please contact our couple managers)
  • Select serviceGeneral : $80 / Gold : $300
    Special : $1,000 / VIP : $3,300~5,500
  • My Matching > Request ideal type Take enough time to set the ideal type
  • Matching with Couple manager recommendation, recommendation, searching
  • Check picture, video, voice,
    self introduction, profile registration
    and request or receive date requests
  • Once both-parties agreed to meet, pay $50 for date fee. Contact information will be exchanged afterwards. (Date fee is not required for VIP service)
  • Fee Descriptions

    (1 year)

    Date Fee

    US$ 50(Per date)
  • Fee you pay when you meet your matched person through searching or Couple manager recommendation special service.
  • You pay the date fee when both parties agreed to meet. If you send a date request to someone and the other person doesn't accept the request then you can use the fee next time on someone else.
  • Date Fee is valid for the regitration period. If you don't get to meet, your fee will be refunded.
  • Used Date Fee(If contact information is exchanged) is not refundable.

  • Self Service only

    US$ 40

  • Provided to the members who wish to use searching only. Partial use of Value searching, Global searching, Matching events.
  • No designated couple manager service besides general customer service.
  • General Service

    US$ 80

  • recommendation and searching service is included.
  • Depends on Couple mamager's judgement, members can be matched with special members.
  • No designated couple manager service besides general customer service
  • Gold Service

    US$ 300

  • searching > Go to credential searching for spouses anmd check age, career, education, financial status etc. choose/set/search your prefered types
  • My Matching > click on 'Fine my type' search to apply.
  • If meeting doesn't go well, you maybe eligible to receive consultation from
  • Special Service

    US$ 1,000

  • A designated couple manager will recommend suitable matches for you
  • After reviewing the picture and profile of the matched person, you can still talk to your manager before meeting with the person.
  • We will provide your merits that don't really reflect on your profile to your matched person to make yourself more appealing.
  • You can choose to be matched up by your manager only If you don't wish to use Self Searching.
  • Once you get married with the person you met through our service, you pay us certain amount of incentives.
  • VIP Service

    US$ 3,300~5,500

  • Your career and financial background is special that you wish to meet with very particular types of people.
  • You want to get married in short time frame. Our couple manager will search for suitable companion more aggressively.
  • Date fee is free for VIP members.
  • Registration Fee is valid for 1 year and your service will be activated immediately upon the receipt of the payment. Therefore, paid registration fee is not refundable.
  • If you wish to pay the registration fee in Korean Won, the current US dollar exchange rate will be applied.

  • How do we make our profile more trustworthy?

    Providing safe and trustworthy environment is Sunoo's no.1 priority. It is mandantory to identify yourself to register and we try to collect proofs of education or jobs to make your profile more credible and presentable.

    Required documents for authentication

    Proof of Identification


  • ID card (driver's license, permanent resident card, passport etc.. )
  • Proof of Employment

    Job verification

  • Company employees : Employee ID, Health Insurance ID or card, business card
  • Business owners : Business registration
  • Professional occupations : License, business card
  • Freelancing or others : No documents required
  • Proof of Education

    Educational background verification

  • For university graduates or higher : graduation certificate for bachelor's graduates and master's/doctoral degree
  • For college dropouts or below : No documents required.
  • Your identity verification is mandantory. Please verify your job and educational background before your meeting.

    How to register your documents

    • Register yourself : Go to My Profile > Proof of documents and upload your documents yourself.
    • Send your documents to us : You can send your documents or pictures by email, KakaoTalk, or text message. @sunoousa

    • Identity and information verification : It will be appreciated if you could check the information of your matched person once more while you are communicating with each other. If you find any incorrect information, please report it to our Customer Service Center.
      (You will receive an one-time meeting credit as a gift when you report any incorrect information.)