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Service types & prices

Our service is valid for 1 year however,
It may be extended if the number of meetings during the service period was insufficient.

Date Fee(Per date)
  • Fee you pay when you meet your matched person through Couple.net searching or Couple manager recommendation special service.
  • Date fee is paid when two members agreed to meet in person. If your date request is not accepted by the recipient, you can use your date fee on your next date.
  • Date Fee is valid for the registration, If you did not have any meetings, your fee will be refunded.
  • Used Date Fee(If contact information is exchanged) is not refundable.
  • US$ 50

    Self Service only
  • Only available in Self-Searching.
  • US$ 40

    General Service
  • 'Picks by Couple.net' and Self-Searching service is included.
  • Under Couple mamager's discretion, general service members can be matched with special members.
  • No designated couple manager service besides general customer service.
  • US$ 80

    Gold Service

    Self + Couple Manager

  • Couple.net searching > Go to profile searching for spouses and check age, career, education, financial status etc. choose/set/search your prefered types.
  • My Matching > click on 'Find my type' search to apply.
  • If meeting doesn't go well, you maybe eligible to receive consultation from Couple.net
  • US$ 300

    Special Service
  • Our Special Service increases the success rate of a date by appealing more of your strength and merits.
  • Registration fee $1,000 + Date Fee $50 per date
  • US$ 1,000

    VIP Service

  • Your prestigious career and financial background requires you to meet with very particular types.
  • You want to get married in a short time. Our couple manager will search a suitable match aggressively.
  • Date fee is free for VIP members.
  • US$ 3,300 ~ 5,500

  • Registration Fee is valid for 1 year and your service will be activated immediately upon the receipt of the payment. Therefore, paid registration fee is not refundable.
  • If you wish to pay the registration fee in Korean Won, the current US dollar exchange rate will be applied.


  • Profile Registration(Free)Please input correct information (Any trouble, please contact our couple managers)
  • Self-Searching by Couple.net AICouple Manager Matching Events, @MyMatching Various meeting opportunities
  • My Matching > Request ideal type Take enough time set your ideal type
  • Check picture, video, voice,
    self introduction, profile registration
    and send or receive a date request
  • Once both-parties agreed to meet, pay $50 for date fee.Contact information will be exchanged afterwards. (Date fee is not required for VIP service)

  • What are Couple.net's services?

    Self Searching
  • Couple.net Searching > Under Self Searchingyou can choose/filter/search age, career, education, financial status and preferable style.
  • Send or receive a date request after setting personalized condition of yours
  • What is Couple.net matching by AI?
  • AI Matching based on the logic of matching 49,000 married or dating couples with 7 matching patents. .
  • An average of 12 to 60 matchings will be provided a year and the chance of your finding someone your style is around 25%.
  • As you let go of 75% of your unliked matchings, you will have ones you like to accept.
  • What is Couple Manager matching?
  • Professional evaluation, recommendation and dating consulting by matching experts.
  • After reviewing the picture and profile of a matched person, consult with an expert if needed then decide whether to meet in person or not.

  • How do we make our profile more trustworthy?

    How to verify your career, educational background and single status?
    After the registration is done and the annual fee is paid, our customer service will request documents from you to verify your credentials. You can send/upload these documents to us before your first meeting.
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